Shorn White Icelandic Sheepskin Throw Rug

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The luxurious, long woollen fibres of Icelandic sheepskins provide comforting insulation and a touch of luxury to any decor, whether used as a rug or draped over furniture.


36-40 x 28-32" x 2" wool lengths.
Note: Measurements are approximate, taken from the wool side.


White. Natural variation from snow white to light cream.


Tanned leather and wool.


Shake and occasionally vacuum to remove dust and debris. If a spill or stain occurs, mix wool-specific detergent with warm water to produce foam. Using foam only (do not soak or submerge sheepskin in water), work the foam over the affected area and pat dry with a clean cloth. Shake and leave to dry; finish with a combing. Alternatively, items can be dry-cleaned.